It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of safety in an industry that, by its very nature, encourages people to purchase tickets and defy gravity. All of our equipment, in addition to mandatory state and local inspections, is inspected every day prior to opening by a licensed Pennsylvania ride inspector and an employee trained for the task. That is three different inspections on every ride at every event.

However, operating a traveling carnival safely involves much more than daily inspections. For instance, there needs to be an established company policy for sudden and sever weather, state licensed food handlers in the concessions, a procedure for handling an electrical blackout on the midway, and literally hundreds of other details, that when followed, provide a safe environment for our patrons and employees.

To ensure this environment, all of our ride operators and management personnel are extensively trained. Most are returning employees and no one is placed in a position that exceeds their abilities. Well-trained ride operators, courteous, confident, knowledgeable, and experienced with the rides they operate, combined with constant onsite supervision by management is essential to our safe carnival midway.

We are proud of our safety record at Russ Amusements and encourage you to visit our midway and experience it for yourself.


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