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About Russ Amusements:
After 100 years and five generations of the Boyer family in the outdoor amusement industry, Russ Amusements is one of Pennsylvania’s most established traveling carnivals. With our commitment to safety, customer service, and profit for the event sponsor, Russ Amusements plays an integral and continued role in the fundraising of many non-profit, civic, and religious organizations in Pennsylvania, Maryland and beyond.

From the thrill of the Zipper to the nostalgic sharing of a Ferris wheel ride, from the sweet indulgence of made to order caramel apples, to time shared with hundreds of neighbors at your community carnival, Russ Amusements always provides everyone, both sponsor and patron alike, with a memorable experience that exceeds expectations.

To discuss the possibility of Russ Amusements at your next event, whether established or just beginning, please feel free to contact me,
Jim Boyer at 717.891.4035.

We hope to see you at our next event!
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